1. Road to the fog

    Road to the fog

  2. Feeling small

    Feeling small

  3. Desert of fog

    Desert of fog

  4. 🌲☁️


  5. Vista al valle

    Vista al valle

  6. Vall de Núria, Catalonia

    Vall de NΓΊria, Catalonia

  7. Enchanted forest

    Enchanted forest

  8. Remember to explore

    Remember to explore

  9. Torrent de montagne

    Torrent de montagne

  10. Fog at dawn

    Fog at dawn

  11. Exploring with my ghost

    Exploring with my ghost

  12. Little village in the French Pyrenees

    Little village in the French Pyrenees

  13. 🌳☁️


  14. Autumn is coming πŸƒ

    Autumn is coming πŸƒ

  15. Mountain stream

    Mountain stream


Pierre Vignaux